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Understanding Trademarks Rights in Israel

Trademarks are hugely important for distinguishing the products of one supplier from those of another. You, like many other Israeli or foreign brands sold in Israel, may use a trademark to ensure that your goods are the genuine, high-quality, products only you produce, and that your IP protections are in place within the Israeli marketplace.


Types of Trademarks

There are many different types of trademarks that are relevant to enforcing protections in Israel --

These include:

a) Registered trademarks

b) Famous trademarks

c) Unregistered trademarks


The nature of your trademark can effect the enforceability of certain rights and your company's standing against other entities using similar marks or products. In the first instance, Aviv Lazar & Co. can advise you on how to best guard your trademarks under Israeli Law and ensure that your right to a strong trademark receives the highest degree of protection. We firmly believe that establishing a trademark early on is critical to protecting your interests and intellectual property. 


In the event that a party infringes on your trademark, we can also assist you with developing the most efficient litigation strategies to prevent that party from passing off their goods as yours.


Where can enforcement take place?

There are a series of principal entities which can be involved in trademark enforcement: for instance, trademark claims can lead to civil proceedings in the courts but can also be enforced by public authorities such as Customs and the police force. 


If you need to undertake civil legal proceedings to enforce your trademark rights, Aviv Lazar & Co. is fully experienced and prepared to deploy first-rate Intellectual Property litigation expertise. There are a number of remedies you’d be able to seek: the Court could order a payment of significant damages to the holder of the infringed trademark to make up for any losses which may have been incurred, among other potential rulings and remedies. The Courts can also issue orders for the other party to immediately desist, and sometimes even destroy the infringed product to prevent further damages.


If you need to proceed with any of these actions, contact Aviv Lazar & Co. immediately. We will be delighted to provide you with the best advice for your unique business situation.

תחומי התמחות נוספים

ליווי משפטי מלא ללקוחות בארץ ובחו"ל בתחום הנדל"ן ועסקאות רכישה ומכירה

נדל"ן ועסקאות

ליטיגציה מסחרית ואזרחית, תביעות כספיות ואזרחיות, תביעות חוזיות, צווים ועוד

ליטיגציה מסחרית

ייצוג וליווי של חברות היי-טק פרטיות וציבוריות מכל תחומי הטכנולוגיה

הייטק וטכנולוגיה

מאמרים ומידע חשוב נוסף לקריאה בתחום המשפט והעסקים


ייצוג חייבים בהליכי הוצאה לפועל לרבות בהליכי פשיטות רגל וגבייה

חדלות פרעון

ייעוץ משפטי וייצוג לקוחות מסחריים, חברות, ומיזמים עסקיים בתחום דיני העבודה

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