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Copyright: Guarding Your Work

A solid command of copyright law is vital for any business or organization engaged in content creation. Anyone from authors, artists, and publishers, to technological innovators creating code and software needs to understand copyright protections at a basic level. Copyright is even relevant to any business displaying information to the public on their own websites.

Here, at Aviv Lazar&Co, we recognize that in an overwhelmingly knowledge-based economy, the protections granted to you by a copyright are key to ensuring the proper prosperity and flourishing of your business both within Israel and globally. Copyright protection grants you and your partners the right to determine how and when your works are used and also allows you to commercialize and profit from those works.

While in Israel (though not in all jurisdictions if you are performing work internationally) the basic right to copyright itself requires no registration -- a simple, properly crafted legal strategy and well-designed plan considering all relevant factors can give you full control over everything from the transfer of your copyright throughout the course of your business affairs, to the full enforcement of your rights to the content you create when unauthorized parties attempt to misuse your works for their own profit.

On the other hand, innocent parties, lawfully making fair use of copyrighted materials, may be incorrectly accused of copyright infringement. In those instances, our IP department is fully able to stand by your side and deploy its expertise to guard your interests and successfully defend you and your business against such accusations.

As part of our expansive intellectual property practice, we at Aviv Lazar&Co are able to offer fully comprehensive consultations to analyze your business model and the nature of the content you create in order to best guide you on guarding these legal entitlements in both Israel and the international marketplace. Similarly, we are always available to act should litigation arise, and further act as your advocate. Please contact us without any hesitation to discuss your legal copyright strategy whenever you should require.  

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