Copyright: Guarding Your Work

A solid command and understanding of copyright law is truly vital for any business or organisation engaged in any kind of content creation. It is applicable both within the more obvious spheres of economic activity to authors, artists and publishers but is of equal importance to those engaged in the creation of technological material such as computer-code and software. Indeed, copyright is of relevance to any business producing any ‘literary’ material down to the content of the information displayed to the public on their own websites.

Here at
Aviv Lazar & Co. we recognise that in the era of the overwhelming dominance of the knowledge-based economy; the protections granted to you by copyright are key to ensuring the proper prosperity and flourishing of your business both within Israel and globally in the world at large. Copyright not only allows you and those with whom you are partnered to create those works determine how and when they may be used but is also a vehicle to allow you to commercialise and profit from those works which are the fruit of your intellectual endeavours through ensuring the existence of rights which clients may go on to purchase.  

Whilst in Israel (though not in all jurisdictions if you are performing work on an international basis) the basic right to copyright itself requires no registration, nothing less than a properly crafted legal strategy and well-designed plan contemplating all relevant factors can enable you to fully control everything from the transfer of copyright by contract in the course of your business affairs, to the full enforcement of your rights to the content you create when unauthorised parties attempt to misuse your copyrighted works for their own profit.

Similarly, it cannot be ignored that from time to time innocent parties making lawful fair use of copyrighted materials may be incorrectly accused of having infringed the copyright of another party. In those instances our IP department is fully able to stand by your side and deploy its expertise and experience to guarding your interests by successfully defending you and your business against such accusations.

As part of our wide ranging premier intellectual property practice, at
Aviv Lazar & Co. we are able to offer fully comprehensive consultations analysing your business model and the nature of the content you create to best guide you in how to best deploy and guard these legal entitlements in Israel and in the international marketplace. Similarly, we are always available to act should litigation arise and act either as sword or shield as you require. Please contact us without any hesitation to discuss your Copyright Legal Strategy whenever you should require.  

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