What we do

Aviv Lazar & Co. provides a comprehensive suite of legal services including innovative, sustainable, and corporate legal solutions for all businesses ranging from early stage start-ups to established businesses. We offer our full set of services for clients on a retained, ad-hoc, or outsourced legal services model, both in Hebrew and English.


We have extensive experience of both corporate matters and commercial transactions and are always able deploy our expertise of both exclusively Israeli issues and multi-jurisdictional affairs to your benefit. 

We offer a full and comprehensive range of services in this field. These stretch from the formation of companies (including new local subsidiaries of foreign corporations) to the drafting of every kind of commercial agreement -- including, but certainly not limited to, Privacy Policies, API Agreements, Shareholder & Partnership Agreements, and Franchise Agreements. 

We are also fully equipped to deal with all Intellectual Property matters, especially in the Hi-Tech field. Please don't hesitate to contact us for advice on best protecting the significant part of your business’ value by ensuring the proper legal protection is in place.


We offer first-rate legal solutions in all areas of Employment Law. Whether you need to engage a new employee and negotiate a contract with them, or the time has come for you and an employee to part ways, you can be confident we can assist you with these processes. We can also advise on all ancillary Employment and Labour issues. 

Likewise, if you are a prospective employee and require any of the employment documents supplied to you during the hiring process to be reviewed and explained, we can fully explain the meaning of the terms you’re agreeing to be bound by. 


It is an unfortunate fact of commercial life that from time to time the parties to a contract or once amicable business associates will develop a contentious relationship over the actions of one or another party, or the proper meaning of something they have previously agreed. Additionally, it is always necessary for businesses to protect their Intellectual Property rights by recourse to ready and expert legal counsel. 

Aviv Lazar & Co. maintains a litigation department which is among the finest in the Israeli legal world and can be relied on to fight tooth and nail for clients’ cause in each and every instance.


We are pleased to offer all of our services to companies on an outsourced basis and to serve as your virtual legal department for every corporate legal issue. 

By adopting this approach, you gain the entire legal skillset of the Attorneys at Aviv Lazar & Co. in a significantly more cost-efficient and effective way than maintaining permanent internal teams to perform the same tasks. This solution can be especially useful to many of the start-up and scaling businesses in the ecosystem but can equally prove to be of great use for established businesses looking to streamline their legal processes. We are able to offer a bespoke outsourced legal solution on a full or partial basis for every type and size of business. Please get in touch to discuss your unique needs.


In addition to legal services, we offer full business consultancy services, including offering direction for both start-ups and larger companies. We have extensive experience in advising clients of the most effective way to take the next steps in scaling and developing their businesses or raising new capital. We have a particular specialism in advising foreign SMEs on how to most effectively engage with and enter Israeli markets. 

If you have a query, please contact us without delay.