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What We Do

Welcome to Aviv Lazar&Co, a premier Tel-Aviv-based Law Firm that is DUNS100 and BDI Code ranked. We offer clients access to a comprehensive range of services in Hebrew and English including, but not limited to, business consultancy services, ad-hoc consultations for specific business matters, ongoing legal support, and litigation.


Although we offer legal expertise in myriad areas, our specialties encompass the following:


At Aviv Lazar&Co, we can help you safeguard your valuable, intangible assets in today’s innovative landscape. IP encompasses four main types of intangible assets including patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets. Your IP rights can provide a revenue stream by differentiating your business from competitors. Here at Aviv Lazar&Co, we are fully equipped to deal with all IP matters, especially in the hi-tech field. Please do not hesitate to contact us for advice on enforcing or defending your creative works, ideas, inventions, and brands. We will assist you with a range of issues including, but not limited to, registering your trademark, initiating litigation for copyright or trademark infringement, and appealing to the Ministry of Justice of Israel or any other relevant governmental authority if a trademark’s registry is unjustly denied.


Businesses should always protect their IP rights by recourse to ready and expert legal counsel. Aviv Lazar&Co maintains a litigation department which is among the finest in the Israeli legal world, and we can be relied on to fight tooth and nail for our clients’ causes in every case.


E-commerce platforms are ubiquitous in our rapidly developing technological society, as businesses shift to offering their goods and services online. We offer exceptional, professional legal advice to ensure your proper compliance with the regulations and legislation governing e-commerce. Further, we can help you prevent future liability and clearly provide conditions for your website users by drafting a Terms of Use. Terms of Use will clearly delineate the rights and responsibilities of the website and of its users. We are eager to provide you with a consultation to limit the liability of your e-commerce business and draft the necessary NDAs, Privacy Policies, Terms of Use Agreements, Return Policies, and Service-Level Agreements.


Privacy Rights are increasingly relevant and becoming an integral part of today’s digital world. Aviv Lazar&Co provides in-depth legal counsel on privacy matters, helping individuals and business protect their confidential, sensitive information. We will ensure that your business complies with all applicable privacy regulations, including international laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) for businesses transacting in the EU. We offer you exemplary GDPR compliance services, and help in identifying the obligations and responsibilities of your company, while helping you adopt an effective privacy compliance plan for your business that adheres to all guidelines. Furthermore, in the case of a data breach, we will actively help your company mitigate the crisis by informing you of breach notification obligations and implementing mitigation strategies that limit legal liability. Here at Aviv Lazar&Co we are committed to advocating for you and your company’s fundamental right to privacy.


We have extensive experience of both corporate matters and commercial transactions. Further, we can apply our expertise of both matters to exclusively Israeli issues or multi-jurisdictional affairs.

We offer a broad range of services in this field, spanning from the formation of companies (including new local subsidiaries of foreign corporations) to the drafting of every kind of Commercial Agreement including, but not limited to, API Agreements, Shareholder & Partnership Agreements, Franchise Agreements, Employment Agreements, and Service Agreements. The creation of Commercial Agreements allows parties under contract to receive legal remedy shall one party breach the Agreement, and therefore exists to minimize the potential for future conflict. We offer you top tier services that minimize the risk of conflict between your company and a third party shall you hire us to draft you a thorough, written Agreement.


The Defamation Law - 1965 affirms that defamation may be both a civil and criminal offense, resulting in severe dual criminal and civil liability for defamers. Defamation is a statement that injures a third party’s reputation, including slander and libel. The two subsets of defamation include defamation in the tangible world and defamation on the Internet. Because of our firm's complementary specialty in Internet Law, we are fully equipped and knowledgeable to provide legal representation in both subsets of defamation law. We offer you unparalleled representation, whether you’re the plaintiff or defendant, by fighting to preserve your reputation on the Internet and in the tangible world. We are ready to provide legal support through our services, consultations, and treatment by writing cease and desist letters, letters of defamation, and filing suit in cases of defamation.

Please feel free to contact us today with any further inquiries or for a consultation. We are eager to protect you and your company’s rights.

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