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Why You Need Terms of Use

Though it may seem all too easy to scroll past the legal jargon you must agree to when using a website or a digital service, these Terms of Use are fundamental to the proper regulation of the relationship between a service provider and its users.

If you offer online services, a bespoke set of Terms of Use by Aviv Lazar&Co will establish in practice, and enforce in law, the terms on which you are offering your service to users. A well-crafted Terms of Use Agreement can, from the outset, protect you against any claims potentially made against you, which could otherwise cost you considerably.

Terms of Use constitute a binding contractual Agreement between your business and the users of any service, including when offered as a website or mobile phone app. The following are some issues Terms of Use clauses touch upon:


  1. Governing Law: 
    By placing your service on the internet, people from all corners of the world will likely be able to access it. The question becomes: which country’s legal system may hold you accountable for claims connected to your service? By issuing Terms of Use, you’re able to indicate the legal system which governs your site and, as such, limit any liabilities to the law of Israel.


  2. Limitation of Liability
    What if your site transmits a virus to a user’s computer or if information on your site, which people trust and rely on, becomes outdated? Without proper Terms of Use, issues of this kind can result in legal claims against you for any losses incurred by another party. You can protect yourself and business by clearly delineating and excluding these liabilities in your Term of Use.


  3. Intellectual Property ("IP")
    If you’re commercializing the service you have online, you’ll likely want to assert your ownership over the material on your site and be able to control how (or if) others can reproduce or utilize the work you have invested your time, effort, and money in creating.


  4. Set User Standards
    Will you need to delete account access if a user isn’t paying a subscription? What if their online conduct requires you to remove their access to maintain the good reputation of your site? By establishing the authority to do so and publishing the method by which such decisions will be applicable you can avoid any disputes which may make it to court later on.


  5. Make Provision for International Requirements
    Are you based in Israel but using your site to connect with user clients overseas? This can pose issues if statutory requirements within those jurisdictions aren’t properly followed. Terms of Use can remedy this situation and even incorporate legally binding Privacy Policies such as that required for General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR") in Europe.

Aviv Lazar&Co specializes in producing high quality Terms of Use specially designed for each and every unique business. Contact us to discuss your needs today.

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