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Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Start-Up Investments

If you or your business is seeking investment, you’ll likely come across terms such as Venture Capital ("VC") and Private Equity. ("PE"). These are subtly different concepts, but similar in the sense that they both inject capital into businesses with the intention of later selling their equity share for profit. They differ, however, in the size of the investments, the size and nature of companies they invest in, and in the percentages of ownership they seek to take in the business.


Within Israel, both take part in forming an essential part of the financial ecosystem of the Start-Up Nation. We at  Aviv Lazar&Co are acutely aware of the immense possibilities and prospects that access to capital of this kind may offer your business; we're eager to advise you on their nature, link you with appropriate organizations for your business, and guide you through the process of obtaining that investment.

Venture Capital

Venture Capital funds specialize in investing in start-ups. A considerable number are focused on pre-seed, seed, and early stage ventures, but there are numerous funds which are focused on later-stage start-ups with a more proven track record.

Additionally, different funds may have specific verticals they’re willing and interested to invest in, or differing focuses driven by viability in a specific market.

The nature of your business will determine whether a particular VC fund may be interested in working with your business. Customarily, when working with VC funds, the investor will expect to take an equity share in your company all-the-while continuing to work with you to develop your business.

Private Equity
Private Equity focuses on more established and mature companies, to be held privately. Globally, many PE organizations are Institutional Investors -- Investment Banks and Pension Funds, for instance, who seek to either obtain 100% of the equity in an already private business, or delist and privatize publicly listed companies.

If your business has reached a significant stage of development, Private Equity may be the best opportunity for you to exit the business you have developed and realize the wealth and value you have created.

Obtaining Investment and How We Can Help

Aviv Lazar&Co maintains many close connections throughout the start-up ecosystem. In addition to connecting you with funds uniquely suited to your circumstances, we are also excited about guiding you and your business through the pitching process and acting as your first-rate counsel to guarding your interests. If you wish to seek investment in this manner, we would look forward to speaking with you and explaining your options in greater depth.

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