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Cash Injections to Supercharge Start-Ups

What’s the difference between a great idea and a successful start-up business? The answer is money. Without access to capital, every great idea would have remained an idle dream: proper financial support is crucial to transforming dream to reality.

While Aviv Lazar&Co can help with all your legal inquiries, we’re more than just a law firm. We offer full suite business consultancy support to our clients, including assistance finding innovative ways to raise capital for establishing and scaling their start-up with firm financial foundations in place.

These arrangements will often take the form of “equity” financing. This means that an investor or investment firm will take a share of the ownership of the start-up in return for the money they’re investing. This may sound concerning at first, but it has a considerable advantage compared to debt financing, wherein the investor takes a share of the risk. In the latter case, sums are not repayable in the event of failure, but rather the return to the investor is based on the value of their share increasing with the business as a whole.

We maintain ties with many investors across the start-up ecosystem and would be eager to advise you on how to best proceed in your efforts to raise capital or to help introduce you to those most able to not only invest, but to offer broader market support.

Angel Investors - We have previously linked our clients to the best ‘Smart Money’ Angels in their respective markets and would be delighted to offer you the same excellent opportunity. Angel Investors can be key, particularly at the very early stages of a start-up seeking seed money. Angels invest their own money, but also offer insight and knowledge gained from previous ventures, providing considerable added value to a given start-up.  

Venture Capitalists ("VCs") - Venture capital funds are usually more ‘institutional’ arrangements with less personal exposure for a single individual and often deeper pockets. Some funds specialize in targeting early stage start-up businesses with key investment and market support, but many are also focussed at later stages in the start-up cycle. As such, even if you were to pursue Angel Investors for seed round founding, you may be able to attract or approach VCs at later stages of your business growth when your start-up scales.

These are two of the more traditional approaches for early stage start-ups raising capital, however they are by no means totally inclusive of the financing options available today.

Aviv Lazar&Co can also offer support and advice relating to modern innovative approaches to fundraising such as:

Crowdfunding - Born from the digital age, some ventures now raise money from many smaller individual investors using online platforms to buy the equity in your business.

If you have any inquiries or questions, please contact 
Aviv Lazar&Co today.

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